What to Do In Case of Dental Emergencies 

There are dental problems that are too severe that they have to be attended to immediately. Intense toothache can disrupt your everyday living so if you experience it, you have to book a dentist right away. Your dentist should see you immediately and provide you with exactly what you need to alleviate the situation.  

Dental Emergencies

Other dental emergency cases involve accident-related injuries. This happens if you were hit by something very hard and much of the pressure was sustained by your teeth. Having a broken jaw may also cause one or more of your teeth falling off because of the impact. These are some of the cases when you need immediate dental and medical care.  

Broken Tooth  

A chipped tooth is in no way an emergency case. But if the tooth gets knocked out because of the impact, that’s when you need speedy dental assistance. These are the times when you shouldn’t wait for the dentist’s business hours to get your teeth fixed. Any sports-related mouth injury requires emergency care as well.  

If your tooth is knocked out, try to apply cold and wet compress on the gums to stop the bleeding. If the knocked out tooth is your only problem, go straight to a dentist. But if there are other issues such as bruises, wounds, and other physical injuries involved, you have to see a medical doctor. You probably have to go to the emergency room for further assistance. 

Severe Toothache 

Toothaches are very common but if they begin to deter you from doing the things that you should do, then it can be considered as an emergency case. Swelling of the gums, loose filling, abscessed tooth, and damaged pulp tissues merit an emergency dental appointment. Don’t hesitate calling your dentist so he can squeeze you into his schedule.  

Never go another day with a severe toothache or the situation may only get worse. See your dentist right away so he can provide you with immediate relief for the pain and address the problem with your tooth right away. You deserve optimal dental care and assistance when you need it most.  

Find Dentists Near You  

If you look for a dentist as early as now, then you won’t panic and ask, “Who is the best dentist near me?” You’re likely to find the best when you have full presence of mind when searching and qualifying the dentists near you. You certainly can’t do a good job if you’re experiencing excruciating pain while browsing through the local search engine results page. 

When dental emergencies arise, you should go straight to your family dentist. He should be able to handle the situation and refer you to a colleague if in case he can’t handle the situation himself. Same goes true if your dentist has a very tight schedule and he can’t see you right away. Even so, you should have the contact number of one or two dental professionals handy so you can call them whenever the need arises. Never compromise the oral health of your family.